The Importance of Detoxification Before Pregnancy

The Importance of Detoxification Before Pregnancy

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your future baby, is to clean out and detoxify your body, before getting pregnant.  

Why is this so important, and why should it be done before pregnancy?  I’m glad you asked…

Cleansing is an important part of pregnancy-prep because it helps the body to function more efficiently, build new cells with better materials, and prevent toxins from invading the little fetus growing inside you.  It can also be an invaluable and vital step in overcoming infertility or subfertility.  


 Cleansing gets rid of harmful toxins that are stored in the body, many of them that affect fertility.  Lead, for example, the second most harmful heavy metal (the first is arsenic), is particularly dangerous and can cause many issues with fertility and the growth and development of a baby.  Mycotoxins (molds) are equally damaging to the body and can cause infertility.  These can be molds in the air in your house, or in the food that you eat.  Molds can trigger systemic inflammation (in itself a cause of infertility and fetal development issues), and can also be a big factor in allergy-development.


When you cleanse, you feel better, have more energy (a big bonus during pregnancy!), deal with stress better, reduce cravings (so you are also less likely to indulge in harmful foods), experience better hormone balance, and have a more stable and happier mood!  


Detoxifying the body should only be done well before pregnancy, however.  This is because when the body releases toxins, they will be temporarily circulating in the bloodstream, and have the potential to cross the placenta and affect a growing baby.  So for this reason, never ever ever do a cleanse or detox during pregnancy (or breastfeeding either).  Be sure you have ample time to do a cleanse and let your body recover before attempting to get pregnant.


This is also a good reason to shed some excess weight well before pregnancy as well.  Contrary to popular belief, the liver is not the site of toxin storage (many people think that beef liver is an unhealthy food because of this).  The liver filters toxins, but they are actually stored in body fat.  In fact, one theory of why some people have trouble loosing weight, is because of toxin overload.  If your body is storing a ton of toxins in body fat, it will be less willing to let go of excess weight – because then all those toxins would be released into circulation and could damage the brain and other vital organs.  Sometimes a cleanse or detox can trigger weight-loss for people in this scenario.  

So if you have a few extra pounds, consider doing a cleanse and getting help with weight loss well before pregnancy.


And if you are planning a pregnancy in the next year or two, start thinking about preparing your body now (do a cleanse, eat the right baby-friendly foods, and get fit) – you will have a healthier, happier and smarter baby (and an easier pregnancy) for it!


*Note: If you’re unsure where to start, take a look at my hormone balancing e-guide, my liver detox e-guide and my other articles on pregnancy prep.  Or consider signing up for a consultation with me for one-on-one, personalized advice that is specifically tailored to you.  Also keep an eye out for some exciting programs on preconception and prenatal nutrition and wellness that are in production now – they should be coming out sometime near the end of the year!


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2 Responses to The Importance of Detoxification Before Pregnancy

  1. Cecelia says:

    Hi! I love your site! I have a question though… I am currently beginning my first IVF cycle. My husband and I did a three week juice cleanse 3 months ago. But I was thinking of doing a three day cleanse now. My egg retrieval is July 10. Is it too late?

    • Hi Cecelia!
      Hmm.. that is pretty soon.. It would really depend on how your health is at the moment and what your diet is like. If you don’t have a lot to detoxify out, then it might be okay to do a gentle cleanse for a few days, but I wouldn’t do anything too intense. If you want more help with this feel free to message me privately :)
      Good luck, I hope everything goes well for you!

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