I have been a registered massage therapist (RMT) since 2005, and a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN) since 2013.  I am very passionate about food, and I love developing recipes and finding healthier alternatives to just about anything.  Above all, I love helping people and educating them on the extraordinary ability of the body to heal itself and recover from illness and dysfunction.  I have a special interest in women’s health, preconception, prenatal and pediatric nutrition.

My own personal nutrition journey began in the kitchen when I was a child.  My mother and grandmothers were huge inspirations to me; I loved helping them and learning from them.  As I grew older I began experimenting on my own with different foods and the kitchen soon became one of my favourite places to be.  Above all I found it very empowering to be able to know and control exactly what was going into my body – and essentially becoming a part of me.  Not to mention how rewarding it is to make delicious food and realize that it isn’t that hard to do and there is no need to pay big bucks for expensive restaurants!

After about six years of practicing massage therapy (which I still do and love), I took an 8 week cooking course and fell even more in love with food and cooking.  When I decided shortly after that that I needed a second career to compliment massage therapy, I began my training in holistic nutrition through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Shortly after I started back at school, I was diagnosed with psoriasis.  The doctor who diagnosed me didn’t have any information for me or advice to share.  Her only response was “Put this cream on it and if that doesn’t work we’ll try steroids.”  I knew that couldn’t possibly be the only option, and I went home and did my research.  What I found out was that there was indeed a reason my body was expressing these symptoms, and that there was lots I could do to help heal it.  I began implementing different strategies and foods to support my immune system and correct the imbalances in my body that were contributing to my psoriasis.  Sure enough after about a month I started to see improvements, and began learning what worked and what didn’t.  I’m so grateful to have had that opportunity to learn so much about my body, and to discover that “Wow, I AM in control of my own health.”

My goal is to help others come to that same realization, to teach people the power of their own bodies and what can happen when you eat foods YOU were meant to eat.

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